Principal Shared Path (PSP) Extension Program

On Wednesday, 26 September the Town of Cottesloe held a community walk-through of the proposed alignment that will be constructed by Main Roads later this year.

If you were unable to attend the walk-through, it is possible to walk alongside the path at a time that is convenient. Start at Grant Street (at the end of the existing shared path) and follow the pink flagging which identifies the centre line of the path (please note this is a restricted area behind fencing and access is not permitted. The flags are visible and must be followed outside the fencing). A map showing the alignment of the complete path is available on the Main Roads WA website here.

The Principal Shared Path (PSP) extension program is a Department of Transport project that will see the existing shared path extended from Grant Street Station to Victoria Street Station. At this time, up to 28 trees along the entire length of the path will be affected by construction, including a number of noxious weeds. The Town is working with Main Roads in an attempt to further reduce the number of native plants that are impacted.

Trees and shrubs that have been identified for removal for the section of the path from Grant Street to Jarrad Street is available here.

Trees and shrubs that have been identified for removal in the section of path from Jarrad Street to Victoria Street can be viewed here

For further information on this project please contact the Town’s Engineering department on 9285 5000.

Tree Removals