Road Safety Program

Napoleon Street - East View 2

Napoleon Street, Cottesloe


The Town of Cottesloe has an ongoing problem with speeding along several of its suburban roads, including Broome street and Napier Street. There is a round-about on the corner of Napier and Railway that is designed to slow traffic down as it passes the North Cottesloe Primary School, but has had only measured success. The school itself has held campaigns to slow drivers.

In addition, Cottesloe has a railway that runs down the middle of its boundaries. When the boom gates close it can be a significant amount of time before two trains pass and the gates are lifted. Once over the railway, there can be a bank up of cars that slow down entrance into the Central Business District. Drivers can get very impatient and at times angry.


  • The Council recently approved installation of a speed cushion on the hill of Broome Street, and signs will need to be placed around the area.
  • Utilise the Drop 5, Save Lives message and program
  • Promote safe driving and safe alcohol consumption in the local pubs.
  • Promote the look, lock and Leave message in car parks to prevent theft.
  • These activities will complement the above strategies;
  • Holding an educational stall at the Town’s annual festival that has games and quizzes with prizes to raise awareness;
  • Implement the Safe Driver Promise promoted by Roadwise;
  • Have signage placed in trouble spots to tell people to slow down and save lives
  • Print and promote material that gets the safe, courteous driving message across;
  • Work with police to have hot spots equipped with cameras

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