Harvey Field Recreation Precinct

In 2018 users of Harvey Field (surrounding residents and local sporting clubs) were consulted on a version of the Masterplan for the Recreation Precinct. However due to the $27 million required, Council had to prioritise elements for implementation so as to make the improvement proposal affordable.
The new concept approved at the May 2021 Ordinary Council Meeting incorporates the new Anderson Pavilion including the rotation of the football oval to keep the future building away from the goals. The plan has since been furnished with other complementing improvements comprising of:

  • Additional connecting footpath       
  • Raised Plateau traffic slowing device on Broome Street       
  • Upgrade to parking surfaces along Broome Street, Jarrad Street and Pearse Street       
  • New football oval spectator seating catering for up to 200 people       
  • Broome Street Playground improvements       
  • ACROD Parking and ambulance access onto both the football oval from Jarrad Street and the rugby field off Pearse Street. 
  • Two stray golf balls protection options:
              ·        Preferred Option One - Modifications to the adjacent Seaview golf course tee box
              ·        Alternative Option Two – High protection fence up to 35metres in height

The new scope will cost approximately $3 Million and provides the opportunity for any future Council to expand this to include elements within the 2018 plan.

Since the approval of the May 2021 concept, the football oval is in its new alignment to make way for the new Anderson Pavilion completion before the end of 2022. Subject to the resolution of Council following this consultation, the remaining improvements will occur over the next few years as funding becomes available.

Preferred Option 1

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