Public Open Space Working Group

This group was formed by the Council to provide advice and feedback to the Council itself. It is not a "Committee" for the purposes of the Local Government Act 1995, particularly section 5.8 of the Act.


The purpose of this working group is to consider improvements to all public open spaces outside of the Central Foreshore Precinct and the SVGC/Harvey Field Recreation Precinct provided by the Town which will enhance their use and enjoyment by the community.


Cr Melissa Harkins Elected Member
Cr Helen Sadler Elected Member
Cr Kirsty Barrett Elected Member
Cr Michael Tucak Elected Member/Deputy Member
Ms Natalie Kendal Community Representative
Ms Kerryn Briody Community Representative
Mr James Atkinson Community Representative
Mr Mark Powell Community Representative
Ms Sue Freeth Coastcare Representative
Ms Robyn Benken Coastcare Representative (Deputy)


Meetings are not generally held more frequently than every month unless a special meeting of the Committee is called for a specified purpose.


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