Task Force on Residential and Recreational Verge Uses

At the May 2021 Council Meeting Council adopted a Charter - Task Force on Residential and Recreational Verge Uses and resolved to seek nominations for the community member positions on this Task Force. The purpose of this Committee is to assist Council in developing either a new or revision of an existing policy to provide an approval and management solution relating to the installation of recreational play equipment and other infrastructure by residents on Council controlled verges.

Council will appoint three community members to the Task Force. Please note the applications have now closed for this Task Force.


Member Position Email
Cr Sonja Heath Elected Member cr.heath@cottesloe.wa.gov.au 
Kirsty Barrett Community Representative
Joshua Wilson Community Representative


Agenda - 22 February 2023

Agenda - 1 December 2022

Agenda - 9 June 2022

Agenda - 28 April 2022


Minutes - 22 February 2023

Minutes - 1 December 2022

Minutes - 9 June 2022

Minutes - 13 September 2021

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