Local Planning Policies

Local Planning Policy No. 1 - Parking Matters Policy


Local Planning Policy No. 2 – Wearne Redevelopment 

LPP 2 – Wearne Redevelopment provides development requirements and guidelines for the redevelopment of the Wearne Hostel site (corner Gibney Street and Marine Parade, Cottesloe).  

Local Planning Policy No 2 - Wearne Redevelopment 

Local Planning Policy No. 3 – Developer Contributions for Public Art 

LPP 3 – Developer Contributions for Public Art seeks to facilitate the provision of public art as part of the development application approval process.   

The policy applies to prescribed developments with a development cost of $2 million or greater, and requires a public art contribution to a minimum value of 1% of the development cost.   

Local Planning Policy No 3 - Developer Contributions for Public Art 

Local Planning Policy No. 4 – Advertising signage 

LPP 4 – Advertising signage defines signage that is exempt from requiring development approval, establishes guidelines that apply to signage requiring development approval and identifies signage that generally will not be supported by the Town. 

Local Planning Policy No 4 - Advertising Signage