Feral Animal Observation Program

The Western Suburbs Regional Councils (WESROC) along with the cities of Stirling and Fremantle and the Town of Cambridge, have developed an integrated approach to feral animal control in the region.

Feral animals of concern throughout metropolitan Perth include:

  • European Red Foxes;
  • Feral cats; and
  • European Wild Rabbits.

Feral animals have caused the extinction of some of Australia's most unique native flora and fauna species, damaged their habitats and can carry a range of harmful diseases. As a result, adequate control of these feral animals is required.

This collective program will help to target feral species over a more widespread area simultaneously.

Feral animals impact on native species by predation, competition for food and shelter as well as destroying habitat. It is crucial that the program focuses on all feral species. If not, the removal of rabbits could lead to a rise in the population of foxes and if foxes are removed the rabbit population will increase, destroying native plants and food sources.

Ratepayers and community groups in Cambridge, Claremont, Cottesloe, Mosman Park, Peppermint Grove, Nedlands, Subiaco, Stirling and Fremantle are encouraged to report feral animal sightings to their local authorities.

Sighting information can be submitted using the PDF document accessed here, and addressed to the Town of Cottesloe, 109 Broome Street, Cottesloe 6011.

Alternatively it can be emailed to council@cottesloe.wa.gov.au
Hard copies of the form will also be available at the Town's Administration Centre.