Online Form - Wedding Film or Photo Shoot Application

Organisers of Wedding Film or Photo Shoots held within the Town of Cottesloe must lodge a Wedding Film and Photo Shoot Application. The Town requires an application form to be submitted a minimum of ten business day prior to the shoot.

For further information please contact the Town of Cottesloe on 08 9285 5000 or .

Applicant Details


Shoot Details

Photos are restricted on the Cottesloe Main Beach in Front of Indiana’s Tea House.

Will drones be utilised during your shoot?


Upon acceptance of the hire, I/We (the applicant) undertakes to hold the Town of Cottesloe indemnified against all claims, losses, actions, damages, costs (including legal costs) and expenses whatsoever arising out of or in connection with the hiring of a location:

- Personal injury (including death or disease) to the applicant or any invitee or third party and then only to the extent that the applicant proves said injury was due to negligence of the Town of Cottesloe;
- Loss of or damage to any property owned by the applicant, the Town of Cottesloe or any third party;
- Breach or non compliance with any statute or regulation or local law of any public, municipal or other authority.

Acceptance: *

COVID 19 Booking Notice

All bookings taken from 23 February 2022 are subject to the following booking notice;
- Cancellation fees as per the schedule of fees and charges will be applicable, should your event need to be canceled;
- Rescheduling bookings will be classified as a cancellation;
- The Town asks that you wipe down any surfaces and door handles after use of any Town facilities;
- The applicant is responsible for keeping an accurate record, including contact details of attendees;
- Businesses are expected to ensure their COVID Safety Plans are updated and continue to be implemented;
- Masks are required for people aged 12 years and over everywhere indoors, other than in the home, and unless an exemption applies;
- Proof of vaccination is required at indoor classes offering yoga, barre, Pilates, aerobics, dancing, or other fitness class;
- Lesser Hall has a maximum of 62 persons at any given time with the 2sqm rule in place;
- War Memorial Hall has a maximum of 78 persons at any given time with the 2sqm rule in place;
- Weddings and funerals can proceed with a maximum of 200 patrons, if outdoors;
- Private outdoor gatherings limited to a total of 200 patrons if not held at a private residence;
- Acknowledge that further restrictions imposed could affect the booking and;
- All directives imposed by the Federal or State Government supersede the Town restrictions.

I/We have read, understood and agree to abide by the relevant Information and Conditions of Hire. All applications are subject to approval. Payment in full and requested documentation must be submitted prior to the start date.

Maximum size of ALL attachments is 976.56 MB

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