Parking Offences and Penalties

Information regarding offences and penalties from the Town of Cottesloe Parking and Parking Facilities Local Law.

The Town has a set of Local Laws that relate to parking and parking facilities. These laws ensure all motorists park safely and that parking is fair for everyone. Fines may be issued where motorists do not adhere to these laws.

Parking Regions

Included in the Town’s Parking and Parking Facilities Local Law, is information regarding parking regions. The Town is divided into two sectors, Sector A and Sector B, that together are the whole of the district excluding areas determined by the Commission of Main Roads.

Sector B is the portion of the district bounded by the western boundary of the district, the northern boundary of Grant Street, the eastern boundary of Marmion Street to its termination at Curtin Avenue then the western boundary of Curtin Avenue, and the southern boundary of Pearse Street.

Sector A is the balance of the district not included in Sector B. The different regions incur different penalties for parking illegally.


‘Modified Penalties’ may be incurred for a particular offence which are listed in Schedule Two of the Parking and Parking Facilities Local Law. This is the fine. The actual penalty for any offence under the Local Government Act is $5,000 (which can be imposed by a magistrate). However, a person may elect to pay the modified penalty for an offence (which are set in the local law) to avoid going before a magistrate.