Motor Vehicle Crime

Protect your valuables when at the beach. Display the 'Items Removed' sign in your car after you have removed or put all property out of sight.

A WA Police Initiative supported by the Department of Transport.

CCTV On Marine Parade

In an aim to reduce anti-social behaviour along the beach front along Marine Terrace, the Town applied for and recived money from the Office of Crime Prevention to install an additional CCTV camera in front of the Cottesloe Beach Hotel. 

Road Safety Program

This project has two aims.First, there needs to be increased education in the community to raise awareness of the dangers of speeding and the need for safety on the roads, including the safe limit of alcohol consumption. This will be done through more community engagement programsSecond, the Town will engage in practical methods to slow down speeding.

Safer Sustainable Cottesloe Action Plan

This Action Plan was developed as an addition to the Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan, it is designed to compliment it and offer new strategies moving forward.

Business Beat Project

The Town of Cottesloe has joined with other western suburb councils and the Community Safety and Crime Prevention Unit to put together a project that aims at the security of local business of Cottesloe and surrounding areas. For more information or to become involved click here