Animal Control

Nuisance Dogs

Barking dogs in the suburbs do not need to be tolerated. If you have a neighbouring dog that barks for hours on end, call the Towns Rangers, and we can assist in abating the nuisance.

Dog Attacks

A dog attack is a very serious matter. If your dog attacks a person or another animal, you will be held responsible even if you were not there at the time. Dog attacks includes a dog aggressively rushing at or attempting to attack a person or animal, as well, as tearing clothing, biting or causing physical injury.

Thousands of dog attacks are reported in Perth and country areas every year. Some result in horrific injuries and trauma. If your dog displays behavioural problems, it is important you address them quickly with appropriate training with such organisations as the RSPCA or Bark Busters.

The State Government amended the Dog Act to allow councils to declare individual dogs "dangerous" for offences such as attacking or repeatedly rushing, threatening or chasing animals or people. Once a dog is declared dangerous, it has to be muzzled at all times in a public place, this would also be in conjunction with numerous other restrictions imposed on you as the dog owner.


All dogs found without identification, or habitual escape artists, are taken to the Shenton Park Dog Refuge in Lemnos Street, Shenton Park.

Dogs are released after the following costs have been paid;

Fee Cost
Release fee  $73
Impound fee $105
Sustenance Fee Actual cost

Dogs can be collected between the hours of 11am and 4pm every day except on Wednesdays when the refuge is closed you may also be required to prove ownership of the dog.

Please note that all dogs have to be registered before they can be released from the Dog Refuge.

Visit to find out more.

Cat Trap

If you have a cat on your property that is causing a nuisance, you can set a trap in your yard. Cat traps are available to Town of Cottesloe residents for the primary purpose of trapping stray or feral cats.

Trapping is a very stressful experience for a cat and trapping should only be used as a last resort.

There is no charge to hire the equipment, however a $100 bond is to be paid and will be refunded when the equipment is returned in good condition within two weeks of hire.

Cruelty to animals is illegal, with all users to strictly abide by the Guidelines to Trapping and provisions in Section 19 of the Animal Welfare Act 2002.

Hiring of traps

  • Traps can be hired on a weekly basis
  • Traps may only be hired by Town of Cottesloe residents.
  • The hirer must complete and sign a hire agreement form
  • The hirer is to only set the trap within their property, not on Local Government land or any other land without permission.

If you would like to complete a Cat Trap Hire Agreement form, please visit the Towns's offices.