Road Verge Landscaping

With the need for our gardens to become more sustainable and waterwise the Town of Cottesloe encourages residents to utilise waterwise plants and practices within their gardens.  The replacement of lawn verges with garden beds planted with local species is being encouraged.  To find out more download the Residential Verges  policy.  The Western Suburbs Greening Plan Guide has been produced by local Council's to assist you in designing and planting your sustainable and waterwise garden.  Come into or contact the Town of Cottesloe to obtain a copy of this booklet.

Works that are undertaken within the road reserve, between the property boundary and the edge of the road in front of a privately owned property, are required to have Council approval.  To apply to undertake your work, write to Council describing your proposal and include a plan of the works.  Correspondence is to be addressed to the CEO and either emailed to,  by post to the Town of Cottesloe, PO Box 606, Cottesloe 6911 or hand delivered to 109 Broome Street.