Verge Street Tree Planting Program

The Town’s new verge street tree planting program has been running annually since 2018 and aims to increase the tree canopy in Cottesloe. In 2021 the Town plans on completing the program with up to 150 trees being schedule for planting between May – August 2021. The main streets which will receive trees are alphabetically listed between Ozone Parade and Windsor Street.

There are many advantages associated with an increased number of street trees including improved aesthetics, lower urban traffic speeds and lower urban air temperatures. More trees will also help mitigate climate change through contributing to urban forests and will support native bird species whose natural habitats are diminishing through urban development.

Species are in accordance with the Town’s Street Tree Masterplan. The planting is scheduled to take place during the winter months and is subject to availability of suitable stock.

Should you require any additional information please contact the Coordinator Environmental Projects, on 9285 5000. Letters will be sent to properties that have been identified as 'infill' sites.

If your verge was not identified as an ‘infill’ site and you would like a verge tree you may request one by contacting the Town at

This initiative is proudly co-funded by Water Corporation’s Waterwise Greening Scheme and forms part of our ambition for the Town of Cottesloe to be a leading waterwise community.

Verge Street Tree Planting Program

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