Ranger Services and Community Safety

The Town’s Rangers are responsible for managing a variety of issues that occur throughout the Town, particularly in the areas of dog and cat control, parking, fire control, littering and the general amenity and safety of residents and visitors.

Wherever possible the Rangers look to resolve problems through discussion, negotiation and public education.


Rangers work alongside police and emergency services to provide assistance, resources and information and are also there to assist the community. The Town’s Rangers are trained in first aid and emergency management, and the dedicated Rangers vehicle is equipped with first aid, safety and communication equipment.

Town of Cottesloe Rangers encourage anyone out in our community to report any issues they observe with the date, time and relevant details. Together, we can improve the safety and amenity of the Town of Cottesloe.

Ranger Services can be contacted on 9285 5070 during normal business hours. 

Outside business hours, for Ranger related EMERGENCIES ONLY please contact 9285 5000.

Cat and Dog Registration

All dog and cat owners that reside in the Town of Cottesloe are by law required to register their dogs and cats. This can be done by completing a form in person at the Town's Administration Centre. Further information and registration forms are available here . If you have any questions about dog and cat registration contact the Town on 9285 5000 during normal business hours or come in and see us.

In Western Australia, all dogs over the age of three months must be registered with a Local Authority. All dogs that are newly registered after 1 November 2013 must also be microchipped. All dog owners are responsible for their pets behaviour. Dogs must be on leads at all times unless in a designated dog off lead exercise area.

Dog off Lead Map

Dog Off Lead Exercise Areas

Parking Information

Parking restrictions apply to a number of situations.  It is your responsibility as a driver to be aware of these.  Please note that restrictions can apply to footpaths, near schools and intersections, on verges, median strips and within parks and reserves.  Further information can be found  in The Town of Cottesloe Parking and Parking Facilities Local Law

Beach Conditions & Shark Safety Information

Rangers regularly patrol the beach areas and will close beaches in the event of a shark sighting or any beach safety hazard which may be dangerous to the public.

Fire Prevention

The Town of Cottesloe strives to be pro-active in fire management. This section details property owner’s responsibilities to minimise the risk of fire within the Town.

Community Safety & Crime Prevention 

Town of Cottesloe Rangers work closely with the WA Police Force and other Emergency Services. They also work diligently with Government departments to assist in community safety, crime prevention and Emergency Management.

Illegal Dumping and Littering

Illegal dumping is a particular type of littering where people go out of their way to dump their rubbish.

Please report any illegal dumping or littering to the Town's Compliance and Regulatory Services area on 9285 5000.

Illegal dumping