If you can’t find the answers to your recycling queries here, please call the West Metro Recycling Hotline on 9384 6711.

Recycle Right

Recycle Right is a useful source of information about how to recycle a wide range of goods. Check out their website here: or download the app.

Batteries, Globes and Printer Cartridges

For local drop-off locations for these items please click on this link: Recycling Drop-off Locations

Many businesses now collect batteries as part of B-Cycle, a new national product stewardship scheme. As a result, the  community recycling station at the Town of Cottesloe has been removed. 

Printer Cartridges can be dropped off at any Australia post for recycling through the Cartridges4Planetark

Light bulbs and tubes can be dropped off at Ikea or the West Metro Recycling Centre.

E-Waste Recycling

Cottesloe residents can dispose of E-waste including mobile phones at the West Metro Recycling Centre at the corner of Brockway Road and Lemnos Street in Shenton Park. 

Containers for Change

To find your nearest authorised refund location for WA’s Containers for Change refund scheme, please go to their website  The website also details which containers are eligible for the scheme.

You can donate your refund from your returned containers to support a local charity or cause. You can obtain the Scheme ID for your favourite cause on this website

Bicycle Recycling

Have an old bicycle that you no longer need? Bicycles for Humanity WA collect and repair bikes of all kinds and deliver them to Africa to enable locals to break the poverty cycle. If you have a bike or cash to donate and/or want to volunteer to repair or pack bikes, please contact them via their website

Dismantle in West Perth work with at risk youth to repair and repurpose old bicycles and are always keen to receive bicycle donations.

The West Metro Recycling Centre also accepts bicycles on behalf of these charities.

Household Hazardous Waste

Household quantities of hazardous waste can be disposed of at the West Metro Recycling Centre. Please refer to their website for details:

Reusable Household Goods

Clean, undamaged, reusable furniture, clothing, books, blankets, towels, pet accessories, shoes can be donated to a variety of organisations. There are two collection bins for clothing at the West Metro Recycling Centre in Shenton Park. The Recycling Centre also collects flat sheets and towels for the Dogs Refuge and Cat Haven. or 13 72 58