Cr Michael Thomas

Term: 2023 - 2027

Michael Thomas is a Cottesloe native and proud father of three daughters. 

His passion is making Cottesloe safe and accessible for biking and walking. Michael successfully campaigned for the missing section of the Fremantle Shared Path (PSP) bike path, with the section from Grant St to North Fremantle now built. He also helped to establish the Long Term Cycle Network (LTCN) and supported the Eric St path. 

Michael's current focus is on enhancing safe and accessible connections in and around Cottesloe. This includes advocating for ramps on the Cottesloe Primary pedestrian bridge, pedestrian tunnels across Curtin Avenue to Mosman Park and Victoria Street Station, and safer vehicle level crossings. 

Michael's vision is for a vibrant, livable, and accessible community. With the support of the community, we can build a Cottesloe where families flourish, and everyone can move around safely and enjoy all the things our wonderful community has to offer.

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