Wedding Photos

Bookings can be made for wedding photos at both the Civic Centre grounds and Cottesloe beach. Areas available for wedding photo bookings are:

  • Civic Centre grounds. Please click here to be directed to the different sections of the grounds.
  • North Cottesloe Beach
  • Arch Monument - overlooking Cottesloe beach
  • Sun Dial - overlooking Cottesloe beach

Bookings can be made at cost of $95.00 per hour. Please note that no section of the Civic Centre grounds or beach can be booked exclusively. All these areas are public space and therefore other events or people can use all areas at the same time as your booking.

If you would like to book your wedding photos at any of these areas please fill out the application form for Civic Centre grounds or beach wedding photos and return to or in person/mail to 109 Broome Street, Cottesloe, WA, 6011.

If you have any question about a booking please contact the Events Officer on 9285 5000 or email