In some circumstances infringements may be withdrawn. If a fine is withdrawn, and this occurs only in rare circumstances, the fine will be withdrawn from the system and a letter will be provided.

You may be required to complete a Statutory Declaration.

Invalid Reasons for Appeal

The following are not valid reasons or explanations that would allow the withdrawal of a parking infringement:

  • You did not see the sign. The driver must look for and comply with parking signs to ascertain if parking is permitted in the area.
  • You did not understand the parking sign or the sign was confusing. The Town’s signs comply with the standards set by the relevant Australian Standard.
  • You did not know that parking restrictions applied.
  • You couldn’t find a parking bay so you left your vehicle in a place you thought would have been alright. The driver must look for and comply with parking signs to ascertain if parking is permitted in the area.
  • You did not know the parking rules. These rules fall under the Road Traffic Code and form part of the requirements for obtaining a driver's license.
  • You thought you were allowed to park there. Only authorised vehicles can park in loading zones, taxi stands, disabled parking bays or bus zones.
  • The permit had fallen out of sight or flipped upside down. You must ensure that any parking permit is displayed correctly prior to leaving the vehicle.
  • You had to use the toilet.
  • You were only there for a few minutes or you lost track of the time.
  • You were helping someone and thought it was ok to disregard the parking rules. Drivers need to ensure their vehicle is legally parked, regardless of the reason.
  • Your doctor's appointment / hairdresser / job interview / exam / lecture etc went over time. You must ensure you have parked in a place that provides enough time for your requirements.
  • You were copying how someone else had parked. This does not exempt you from ensuring you are parked legally.
  • You did not see the time restrictions on the sign or did not read all information on the sign.
  • You ran out of fuel. 

Valid Reasons for Appeal

With documentation to support your appeal, infringements may be appealed and withdrawn in the following circumstances:

  • The vehicle owner was not the driver at time of infringement issue and the vehicle owner has supplied the Town of Cottesloe with the driver’s name and address details in the form of a properly completed statutory declaration witnessed by an authorised witness.
  • Disabled parking permit displayed that may have fallen from dashboard, a valid ACROD permit in the name of the vehicle owner must be produced.
  • Immediate medical attention (or medical emergency) was required or being undertaken to the driver or their passenger. A medical certificate from a medical practitioner or an authorised person at the relevant hospital authority must substantiate this in writing.
  • Vehicle breakdown, flat tyre, etc. Documentary evidence must be provided from the RAC, a reputable motor vehicle breakdown service company or motor vehicle mechanical repair company or other evidence of mechanical failure to be provided.
  • The illegal parking of the vehicle was authorised by a Police Officer or Ranger due to an emergency or as a result of action by the Police. i.e. parking of vehicle due to drink/driving allegation. A statement by the Police Officer or Ranger to be provided.

Submitting an Appeal

Please ensure that you have read the information above of what constitutes a valid appeal prior to submitting an appeal.

If you wish to dispute a fine, you must submit an appeal in writing and return it to the Town by:

  • Completing an Online Infringement Appeal Form (link below)
  • Completing and returning and Infringement Appeal Form (link below) by email to or by post to the Chief Executive Officer, Town of Cottesloe, PO Box 606, Cottesloe, 6011

Appeals cannot be received over the phone.

If the appeal is submitted correctly, an appeal acknowledgment letter will be sent to your provided property address within 10 business days. If you do not receive an acknowledgement of your appeal, please contact the Town on 9285 5000.

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