Film and Photo Shoots  

Any film or photo shoot on public land in Cottesloe requires pre-approval. 

A Film and Photo Shoot approval for the Civic Centre gardens provides access to the entire grounds, with the exception that you may not use a location where there is a function or works. 

The approval does not grant exclusive access to any location, with public access maintained. For exclusive access to a specific Civic Centre gardens location, you may book the space for a minimum of 3 hours at wedding rates. 

Application forms must be received at least ten business days prior, with thirty days required for large scale film or photo shoots. Applications are not confirmed until approved and full payment has been received.

Please ensure you read the below information, including charges, prior to submitting your application. 

Wedding - Film and Photo Shoot Application

Professional - Film and Photo Shoot Application

Personal - Film and Photo Shoot Application

Bond Refund

The Bond Refund Form may only be submitted following your shoot.

Please submit via email to

Bond Refund Request

For enquiries, please contact the Events Officer on 9285 5000 or email

Cottesloe has numerous majestic locations for photo shoots and filming that include the beach and foreshore, gardens, fountains, the opulent stairways of the Secret Garden and Main Lawn.

To see the Civic Centre map, including photoshoot locations, please click here.


Photo credit: Anthea Auld

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Areas available for wedding photo bookings are:

  • Civic Centre grounds
  • North Cottesloe Beach
  • Arch Monument - overlooking Cottesloe Beach
  • Sun Dial - overlooking Cottesloe Beach

No film or photo shoots are allowed on Cottesloe Beach (sand or grassed area near the Indiana Tea House) for wedding photos.


Cottesloe Beach

Photo credit: Anthea Auld

View professional photos.

Professional film and photo shoots, including corporate photo shoots, can be booked for half day (four hour) or full day (eight hour) sessions.

Applications are classified as charitable, educational, community, tourism or commercial in accordance with the Event and Facility Classification Policy.

Please be aware that if you require the use of Cottesloe Beach, the main section of the beach (in front of Indiana), approval will be subject to the time of year of the shoot.


Photo credit: Anthea Auld

Areas available for photo bookings include:

Personal or portrait photos can be booked for one hour sessions at both the Civic Centre grounds and the beach. 


Fees and Charges 2023-2024

Hire Rate
Wedding/ Personal/ Portrait Hire Fee (Hourly) 

$205 for the first 90 minutes 

$137 per hour thereafter. 

Professional/ Commercial/ Tourism - Application Fee 

$175 application fee 

$205 for the first 90 minutes 

$137 per hour thereafter. 

Relevant Documents

Wedding - Photo or Film Shoot - Application Form

Professional - Film and Photo Shoot - Application Form

Personal - Film and Photo Shoot - Application Form

Bond Refund Request Form