The Town of Cottesloe

The Town of Cottesloe boasts some of the most beautiful surrounds in the Perth metropolitan area. Located only 15 minutes west of the Perth CBD, Cottesloe is recognised internationally for its superb stretch of beaches, manicured lawns and balcony views over the Indian Ocean. Whether you’re a Perth local, visitor passing by or a valued community member, our village atmosphere and seaside heritage will keep Cottesloe on the list of places you’ll want to come back to.

Our Vision

An iconic coastal community with a relaxed lifestyle

Our Mission Statement

To preserve and improve Cottesloe's natural and built environment and beach lifestyle by using sustainable strategies in consultation with the community

Our Commitment to Customers

  • We recognise that good customer service is our most central function.
  • We will provide prompt, courteous and effective service.
  • We will be sensitive to issues of cultural difference or disability.
  • We will respect your point of view.
  • We will be open and honest in our advice, especially that relating to your right to obtain information and appeal against any decisions.
  • We will deal with complaints quickly.
  • We will continually seek to improve our level of service.

History of Cottesloe           Indigenous Culture

Town of Distinction           Architectural Styles