Beach Access Paths - Possible Closures and Upgrades 2021 (Closed)


Following the successful upgrade of a number of beach access paths in recent years, the Town of Cottesloe undertook a review of all of its beach access paths late last year and presented the Cottesloe Foreshore Beach Access Path Rationalisation to Council at its November 2020 Ordinary Council Meeting.

There are currently 33 beach access paths along the four kilometre length of the Cottesloe foreshore. The recent assessment of the condition of the paths highlighted;

  • A number of paths spaced close together;
  • A number of degraded paths in need of upgrade;
  • High maintenance sand ladder paths with a high level of sand movement during winter;
  • Inconsistent and aging path identification signs; and
  • An opportunity to introduce the State Government’s Beach Emergency Number (BEN) Signs Program.

The Cottesloe Foreshore Beach Access Path Rationalisation considers revised access arrangements to the beach. Recommendations include the amalgamation of some paths and the closure of others. The proposed closure of selected paths will significantly reduce maintenance and upgrade costs for the Town now and in the future.

At the November 2020 Ordinary Meeting, Council resolved to seek feedback from the community about the suggested changes.

Town of Cottesloe Mayor Phil Angers said “The Town is committed to providing safe and easy access to Cottesloe beaches and is aware that there are a number of paths in need of upgrade now, with ongoing maintenance required.

“We encourage our community to take a look at the proposed beach access path changes and contribute their feedback.

“All feedback received will be provided to Council for consideration prior to them making a decision on the rationalisation and path closures.”

The survey will be available from 20 January 2021, until 4pm 8 February 2021.

Before undertaking the survey, we highly recommend that you take the time to read the information provided below to assist you.

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Phone: 9285 5000


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