Local Planning Strategy Review (Closed)

Local Planning Strategy Review – Discussion Paper

The Town of Cottesloe has a legislative responsibility to provide an efficient and effective land use planning system and to promote the sustainable use and development of land in the Cottesloe area. A Local Planning Scheme accompanied by a Local Planning Strategy (LPS) is designed to achieve this. The Town’s existing LPS was prepared more than ten years ago and a review is now necessary.

A Local Planning Strategy is direction setting document that establishes the justification for any future changes or amendments to its Local Planning Scheme. It is therefore vital to contribute to at this critical stage of the process in order to ensure that the revised Local Planning Strategy and ultimately the Local Planning Scheme reflect the interests of the community.

At the November Council Meeting, Town of Cottesloe Councillors unanimously approved the Town of Cottesloe’s LPS Review Discussion Paper for community comment as the first stage in the review process.

The LPS Review Discussion Paper has been developed to open up a dialogue with our community regarding the opportunities and challenges that the review presents. The Town is now seeking feedback on the considerations and opportunities presented within the LPS Discussion Paper.

Local Planning Strategy Review - Discussion Paper  

Following a number of community and youth workshops conducted in November 2019, a Community Engagement Report has been released that summarises the methodology and outcomes of community consultation undertaken to date. The report can be viewed here: Local Planning Strategy Community Engagement Report

 How and when can I have a say?

The LPS Review Discussion Paper will be open for written submissions from Monday 2 December 2019 for a period of no less than 90 days. If you would like to make a submission on the LPS Discussion Paper, please complete the updated form below or email town@cottesloe.wa.gov.au on or before 3 April 2020 - Due to the current situation, the Town has extended the public advertising period until Sunday, 3 May 2020.

Please note; that the Town has taken the opportunity to update its LPS Submission Form to reflect the questions as they appear in the LPS Discussion Paper (see below link). The Submission Form has been updated as a Word document for east of ease. You do not need to complete all sections to make a valid submission.

Submission Form - LPS Discussion Paper

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