Proposed Closure of Beach Access Path N11 (Closed)

The Town of Cottesloe would like to invite residents and the wider community to participate in an online survey to provide feedback to allow Council to make an informed decision on the proposed arrangement for beach access paths N10, N11 and N12 in north Cottesloe.

At the November 2020 Ordinary Council Meeting, Council resolved for community consultation to take place on a proposed Beach Access Path Rationalisation Strategy, which included the closure of selected paths.

Community consultation occurred in early 2021 and following consideration of feedback received, Council (at the February 2021 Ordinary Council Meeting), deferred any decisions relating to beach access paths S11, N10, N11 and N12 to allow for further investigation.

After considering additional information provided at the June 2021 Ordinary Council Meeting and in conjunction with the comments received in early 2021, Council requested further community consultation on the closure of N11 with N10 and N12 remaining open, given comments received earlier this year showed this to be the most supported option.

Feedback received from this survey will be provided to Council to determine final arrangements for N10, N11 and N12.

This survey will close at 4pm on Monday, 2 August 2021.

Thank you for your time in providing your feedback.

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