At the  Ordinary Council Meeting on 27 November 2019, Council adopted the Public Open Space and Playground Strategy. As part of the resolution, Council provided for the integration of the Purple Dinosaur Park and the Railway and Albion Park.

Purple Dinosaur Strategy (POS Strategy 3.9.8)

  • There is a recognised opportunity to enhance the existing play space that caters to children up to 9 years old.

  • There is a recognised opportunity to enhance connectivity to Cottesloe Station and Town Centre.

Railway and Albion Improvement Strategy (POS Strategy 3.9.9)

  • There is a recognised opportunity to improve how the playground responds to the existing coastal planting scheme. An upgrade should be done with the intent it will cater for older children.

The Town and the Public Open Space Working Group aims to discover the aspirations of the local community for both spaces and invites you to participate in a survey that will assist us to develop a concept design that integrates the Purple Dinosaur and Railway and Albion parks.

This survey will be available from Monday, 29 November 2021 until Tuesday, 21 December 2021 

Contact Details

Name: Town of Cottesloe

Phone: 9285 5000


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