Cottesloe Reef - Fish Habitat Protection Area

Cottesloe Reef, located in Perth’s western suburbs, sits on a limestone shelf, known locally as the Cottesloe Fringing Bank.

The shelf extends approximately 1.5 kilometres offshore from the beach. Comprised of limestone-elevated platforms, water-eroded outcrop and pinnacles, the depth of the reef system varies, according to the contours of the underwater landscape.   It is a healthy, flourishing marine system, considered by marine scientists to have attributes unique to the Perth metropolitan area.

The reef is a valuable and inspiring natural resource, but, due to its accessibility and popularity, it is vulnerable to human impact, underlying the reason to declare it a Fish Habitat Protection Area (FHPA). 

An FHPA is a location declared by the Minister for Fisheries as having special ecological and community significance and thus deserving special management to ensure its long-term sustainability. Its principal aim is to preserve valuable fish and marine environments for the future use and enjoyment of all people.  Special rules regarding fishing and other activities apply in most FHPAs.   

Further Information

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Cottesloe Reef - Fish Habitat Protection Area Pamphlet