Aquifer Recharge Project

The Aquifer Recharge Project has helped to educate our local community about the importance of the whole water cycle. The Town has been recognised as a Waterwise Council due to the large volumes of stormwater that recharge our aquifer as a result of this project. 400 soak pits have been installed around the Town to capture storm water for reabsorption into the aquifer. 7 Gross Pollutant Traps have also been installed to hold back litter, including cigarettes, and filter pollutants from the water before it enters the aquifer.

As a result of this work the Town has been able to close off 10 ocean pipe outfalls that used to carry untreated storm water to the ocean. The image below shows what this work has achieved. The project cost just under $2.5 million dollars to be completed. $782,000 was provided by the Australian Government Water fund towards the project under Water Smart Australia. For a more detailed summary of the Aquifer Recharge Project follow this link.

Groundwater aquifer recharge

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