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2010 was the dryest year Perth has ever recorded. An increasingly drying trend is predicted for the southwest of Western Australia as part of the impacts of climate changes from global warming. It is important for Perth residents to reduce water use and adapt to the likelihood that water will be increasingly expensive and finite as a resource. The following graph has been obtained from Watercorp and it shows the declining streamflow into dams around Perth since 1910:

water flow to dams graph

Think Water Campaign

Think Water Campaign logoThe Town of Cottesloe ran a community education program over 4 years called "Think Water" to raise awareness about conserving our precious water supply and reduce use of nutrients and pesticides to maintain water quality. Think Water encourages residents to reduce scheme and private groundwater use, decrease the number of new private bores and reduce pollutants entering groundwater. Below are links to the wide range of material produced for this campaign for you to download. If you would like original hardcopies then contact the Town's Sustainability Officer on 9285 5000 to see if we still have some in stock.

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Waterwise Specialists

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