Election Signage

An election sign is one encouraging a person to either vote or vote for a particular candidate in an election.

Town of Cottesloe Requirements

An Application for a Sign Licence must be submitted and an Electoral Sign Licence obtained prior to erecting any signs. Completed Application for Sign Licence forms can be sent to the Town of Cottesloe by post to PO Box 606, Cottesloe, 6911 or email to town@cottesloe.wa.gov.au  

Election signage must be in accordance with the Activities on Thoroughfares and Trading in Thoroughfares and Public Places Local Law. Restrictions include (but are not limited to:)

  • Signs no bigger than 0.75 square metres can be erected on private property once a Sign Licence has been obtained.
  • Election signs can not be erected on a private property more than 28 days before the election and must be removed within seven days of the election.
  • It is prohibited to erect election signs in a thoroughfare, road reserve or other public property without obtaining prior approval from the Town.
  • It is prohibited to erect signs in places that cause sight obstructions.
  • It is prohibited to erect signs on power poles, trees, shrubs or plants.

Please note, separate Building and Planning approvals are not required for Election signs. 

Western Australian Electoral Commission Requirements

Information on what must be included in electoral advertising and publications can be found on the Western Australian Electoral Commission website.

Main Roads Requirements

With regard to road reserves, Main Roads has its own requirements – refer to the Main Roads Policy - Policy and Application Guidelines for Advertising Signs Within and Beyond State Road Reserves. Please note the following requirements:

Temporary event signs (which includes election signage) shall not be located:

  • on traffic islands, including roundabouts
  • on median strips
  • on road verges with a road speed limit greater than 90 km/h
  • where they are at risk of causing an obstruction to the passage or sightlines of drivers, bicyclists or pedestrians travelling along or crossing roads or driveways
  • within 100 m of a roadworks site

Temporary event signs shall not be attached to:

  • existing signs, including other advertising signs
  • any road-related infrastructure such as traffic sign supports, overhead bridges, bus shelters, lighting/power poles, etc, or trees

If attached to any infrastructure that encroaches over the road reserve or if suspended from ropes, wires, etc from any building or other infrastructure, a written agreement must be obtained from the owner of the building or infrastructure.