Local Planning Strategy Review


The Town has a legislative responsibility under the Planning and Development Act 2005 (the Act) to generally provide for an efficient and effective land use planning system and to promote the sustainable use and development of land in the local government area as part of the State.

To help realise these purposes, the Act enables a local government to prepare a Local Planning Scheme (a Scheme) in order to administer the suitable improvement, development and use of land within its municipality. Schemes that envisage the zoning of land and associated planning controls must be accompanied by a Local Planning Strategy (Strategy or LPS). 

The Strategy is a particularly important instrument because it not only comprises the underlying rationale for the Scheme but, under the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015 (the Regulations); determinations of the local government made under the Scheme must be consistent with the LPS.

The Town’s existing LPS was prepared in 2008 and is now more than ten years old, which necessitates a review in accordance with the Regulations.

The LPS Review will occur in stages over the next two years. The first stage in the review has been the development of a Local Planning Strategy Discussion Paper.

The purpose of the LPS Discussion Paper is to open up a dialogue with the community regarding the challenges and opportunities that a review of the existing Local Planning Strategy document presents.

The LPS Discussion Paper will be advertised for a period of 90 days and can be viewed here.

The comments and suggestions received during the advertising of the LPS Discussion Paper will ultimately inform a revised Town of Cottesloe Local Planning Strategy.

Local Planning Strategy Review - Discussion Paper