Local Planning Strategy Review

The Town has commenced a review of its Local Planning Strategy (the Strategy), which is a document that helps guide the long-term land use planning direction for the Town.

The Strategy will incorporate state and regional planning policies into the local planning framework providing a balanced and logical approach to land use and density changes that will be included in the Local Planning Scheme (LPS No.4).

The Strategy will also outline how the Town can accommodate anticipated future population growth and how it will respond to economic, environmental and social issues.

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The Town of Cottesloe’s existing Local Planning Strategy provides the basis for Local Planning Scheme No.3 (LPS 3) and was prepared in 2008 and endorsed by the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) in April 2012. The Strategy sets out the long-term planning directions for Cottesloe, covering the main aspects and trends influencing the future development of Cottesloe for the 10 to 15 years from the release of the Strategy.

The Town began a review of its Local Planning Strategy in 2019 as part of reviewing LPS 3 and released a Discussion Paper to establish a dialogue with the community regarding the challenges and opportunities that reviewing the current Local Planning Strategy presents, and to ascertain the values of Cottesloe residents and desired outcomes for the Town of Cottesloe. In addition, a number of community and youth workshops were conducted, and a Community Engagement Report released summarising the methodology and outcomes of community consultation undertaken at that stage.

The Discussion Paper was advertised for public comment to provide community input into this process and inform the review of the Local Planning Strategy. The public comments received during the advertising of the Discussion Paper were considered and noted by Council at its Ordinary Meeting on 15 December 2020 and will ultimately inform a revised Town of Cottesloe Local Planning Strategy and thereafter a new Local Planning Scheme.

Since the Council considered the public submissions received on the Discussion Paper, the Town has been consulting with the WAPC on changes to the State Planning Framework that affect the direction and content of the review of the Local Planning Strategy and the Local Planning Scheme. Due to the scale of the work required and timeframe to deliver the strategy, the Town has engaged a planning consultant to prepare the strategy. The program for this work will include further engagement with the community and stakeholders in 2023. 

Following a number of community and youth workshops conducted in November 2019, a Community Engagement Report has been released that summarises the methodology and outcomes of community consultation undertaken to date. The report can be viewed below.

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